Choosing the Best Dentist in NYC

Finding the right dentist for you in NYC can be a challenge. There are thousands of dentists across New York City and most of them have great reviews on Google and other similar review sites. Although I am one of the best-rated dentists in Manhattan, I wanted to share what I look for in a dentist to help you find a dentist in NYC that’s just right for you.

Find a Relatable Dentist

When it comes to a visit to the dentist, be prepared for small talk. Finding a dentist and office staff that's relatable will make any visit to the dentist more enjoyable.

A dentist that you share nothing in common with will make you less likely to want to go and you’ll find excuses for why today isn’t a good day.

I grew up in Washington Heights and I feel like the city raised me. I am very familiar with the hustle of the city. I know about the bacon, egg, and cheese runs in the morning to get to school or work on time and the countless energy drinks it takes to get through the night.

I am Dominican and Russian and my husband is Mexican, so for me, finding a dentist that understands the city and has a cultural connection with me is important. When you find yourself talking with a dentist, especially during the first visits, the conversation tends to go towards things you have in common. This is pretty much how small talk goes in any situation.

The other great benefit of finding a relatable dentist near you is their closer understanding of your diet and habits. Culturally, we are different. What we consume is different from one another.

Being a female Hispanic dentist I think explains a lot about why I practice the way I do. Have you ever met a Hispanic person that always greets you with a big hello and welcome from across the room? Well that’s me. It’s because of my ethnic background and upbringing that I want everyone in my office to feel welcomed and safe. Going to a dentist that understands what it’s like to be a hustling New Yorker is important. Being able to give different tips and tricks to my patients on how to manage their oral health despite their chaotic lifestyle makes me feel like a hero.


Find a Dentist That's Trustworthy

Google is a great starting point for learning which dentists are nearby and what others have to say about them. Even better than searching online is asking friends, family, and colleagues. Online reviews will only give you part of the picture. Asking your friends and family questions about their dentist can give you the answers you're looking for and help you decide if that dentist might be right for you too. If a friend recommends a dentist that sounds great, look them up on Google and see what other people say about them too.

Doing your research to find the right dentist for you is going to pay off.


Find a Dentist Near You

Where do you spend most of your time? At home? Working? Find a dentist closest to the place where you spend most of your time. This will make scheduling much easier.

When I started No Limits Dental, I chose Midtown Manhattan because it is in the center of everything. Most of the major trains take you to 59th Street (Columbus Circle), so my office is easily accessible for people during their lunch break from work or passing through the neighborhood to get home.

Transparency is Important

The medical and dental fields go hand-in-hand when it comes to transparency. Most dentists make pricing obscure and hard to find out. Finding a dentist that is up-front with their prices means they probably run a more honest practice.

I’ve made it my mission to make pricing more transparent than ever and we are constantly working to find ways to make dental work more affordable without sacrificing quality and customer service.



I hope you found this article helpful as you start your search for a dentist in New York. Remember, if you live or work in or around Midtown, stop by and check out our office. We would love to meet you.